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Events have a negative impact on the environment. From plastic cutlery to food waste, parties and meetings leave a trail of damage behind.

It doesn't have to be like that. The Green Event Planner helps you find practical solutions to make your next event more sustainable.

"Events are a microcosm. We have the freedom to decide where to take our guests. Why not lead them into a world that is conscious, sustainable and fair?"


Katrin Lüthy, Founder & Owner of The Green Event Planner


Do you want to host sustainable meetings and events? We're here to help. Together, we will find simple and cost-efficient solutions to green up your next gathering.


Do you want your events team to put a greater focus on sustainability? Book our workshop. We're happy to explain how green event management works.


Do you have an event location and your clients are requesting a sustainability concept? No worries! We know how to impress your eco-friendly clients.


The Green Event Planner is a Swiss-based consulting agency for sustainable event management.


We help companies and party enthusiasts to green up their meetings, conferences and events by suggesting practical and eco-friendly solutions.


The Green Event Planner encourages you to incorporate sustainable practices into your event planning. Start your adventure by downloading our free eBooks.


Hi, I'm Katrin. Nice to meet you!

The Green Event Planner was created after a company BBQ. Too much plastic cutlery, too little recycling. I realized: it's time for the event industry to change.

What else? Born and bred in Zurich, Switzerland, open-minded, creative, solution oriented. Strong communicator and organizer.

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