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Do you want to learn how to host a green event? Our Workshop will give you a comprehensive rundown.

This workshop is aimed at professional event planners, corporate marketing- and PR teams, associations, clubs and individuals who frequently host events and who genuinely want to change the way they plan and host meetings and events.

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours


·       30-page workbook

·       Event concept template

·       RFP templates

·       3 checklists

Host: Katrin Lüthy, founder and owner of The Green Event Planner

Cost:​​ Flat fee of CHF 495.- for a group of 1 to 5 participants

Classroom: Off-, or online. In Switzerland either in your office, clubhouse or in a meeting room of your choice.


·       What are green events?

·       Why do we need green events?

·       The event industry is changing

·       Green event management

·       Sustainable event concepts

·       Eco-friendly venues

·       Travel & Transportation

·       Materials and infrastructure

·       Waste management

·       Avoid food waste

·       Supply chain management

·       Social and ecological aspects

·       Post evaluation

·       Marketing & communication


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