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green events

The event industry has a massive ecological footprint! Green Events try to reduce their negative impact on the environment by finding and implementing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

  • The Location

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Internal and External Communication

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Used Materials

  • Waste Management

  • Social Aspects

  • Post Evaluation

This is where The Green Event Planner comes into play. We help you find simple and cost-efficient solutions to reduce waste and green up your next event. Ready? Contact us!


Once you finalized your event concept, we will help you green it up. Together, we'll find simple and affordable solutions to make your event more sustainable. We will discuss your concept, set goals, check your supply chain, brainstorm and discuss innovative ideas and are happy to help you communicate all the good and glorious.

Target Group

  • Corporate Event- and Marketing Teams

  • Festivals

  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions

  • Associations, Clubs and individuals who frequently organize parties and events


Are you ready to join the green revolution? Let's start with a bang! The workshop from The Green Event Planner will teach you and your event team everything you need to know to host future green events, meetings and conferences.

Here's what we'll focus on.

Target Group:

  • Corporate Event- and Marketing Teams

  • Event Agencies

  • Wedding Planners

  • Festivals and Sport Tournaments

  • Associations, Clubs and individuals who frequently organize parties and events


Do you manage a venue and have questions regarding your eco-strategy increased lately? Then let's work on your sustainability concept. I know exactly how to impress green event planners, having been part of your target customer group. That's where we start.

Target Group:

  • Restaurants, Bars and other event locations

  • Catering Companies

  • Event Partners- and Suppliers

  • Hotels

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